Mock up 3D Milano Design week 2018

New Tiny campaign comes from the collaboration between Lavazza and Toiletpaper. This publishing project was created by Maurizio Catteland and Pierpaolo Ferrari. Next to remarkable creativity, ONE has arranged an extraordinary work, which begins with a maxi display in XXV Aprile Square. This significant impact work descends some typical territory elements creating actual three-dimensional “physical” sculptures to create a path between design and art during Milano Design Week 2018 event. For the first time the subject of a billposting campaign “comes down” from the installation and it becomes an integrated artistic component among brimming people and activities of the city. This represents a coloured element to touch, to take selfies and to play with. Besides, using Amazon App, users can watch footage which shows the behind the scenes of the making of this artwork by using an Augmented Reality tag on “Head” pedestal.