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Murales realizzato da Rosk per Cesare Cremonini – Festa del Perdono – Università statale – Milano

Milan, 7 November 2021. On the occasion of Cesare Cremonini’s new 2022 Stadiums Tour, the very popular Italian artist ROSK! is commissioned to create the stunning commemorative wall ONE in via Festa del Perdono, directly in front of the State University of Milan.
The work, with a surface of about 130 square meters, placed between the entrances of the University with its imposing figurative magnificence, thrilled the fans of the singer, but also delighted the lovers of wall art for the technique and inspiration with which it was made by one of the most popular wall artists in Italy.

The mural was created on a wall that is perfect for striking an absolutely interesting and often elusive target in the centre of Milan, in a manner akin to the communication models of the Millennials and, above all, Post-Millennials, the so-called Generation Z in which brands have a huge interest in terms of both products and sales.