Shining gold wall & 3D mock up and coffee tasting – Piazza dei Mercanti – Milano

For the launch of the new Lavazza Qualità Oro line, ONE has created a special activity of great impact on its Via Mercanti – Piazza Duomo installation. On the billboard, to enhance the brand, ONE covered with film the cloth behind both the packs of coffee and the crown of the model in the photograph taken by LaChapelle. The particular golden film that was used perfectly reflected the buildings in front and magnified the claim of the campaign “I am the first light of day”, with the reflection of the sun rising in the morning able to illuminate the whole street . The golden surface had also been designed to simulate the Qualità Oro “packaging effect”. To complete the activity, on one side of the installation, a 3D mockup was placed onto the model’s dress in order to give great depth to the billboard, astonishing anyone who stared at it.

At the same time, in the porch of Palazzo Giureconsulti, in front of the maxi billboard, was where the structures of Sounds of Blend were placed, an installation able to make the Lavazza world come alive, starting from sounds, in an experiential journey. Chiara Luzzana, internationally renowned sound designer, was able to grasp the essence of Qualità Oro by recording the sounds along the whole process of creating the mixture: from the plants in South America to the journey of the beans, from the arrival at the port of Genoa to roasting in Turin, and to the sound of the moka during the making of the coffee to tell the perfect symphony that this extraordinary blend expresses in the moment of tasting, a unique musical track. The orchestral piece composed of four movements, allegro, adagio, scherzo, sonata, each with a mood, will guide the video and the artistic direction of the music tracks produced by the sound designer for each stage of the supply chain.